Implant, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Dr. V.A. Dim

50 Dundurn St South




L8P 4W3


What patients say


My teeth were so badly damaged that I was unable to work for a month, but with the help of Dr. Dim and his colleagues I received above and beyond treatment. A great guy who is friendly, punctual, and a true professional [..]
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Both Dr.Dim and Dr.Agro are wonderful people and great Dentists. I have been a patient for a couple years now, and I will continue to be for as long as I can. Everyone at the office is very friendly and helpful. Both Dr's are diligent and imformative workers. They always explain each and every procedure to me and make me feel as comfortable as possible![..]
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Very good place for dentist.A little more expensive than my last dentist.I may not b able to afford to come here again.[..]
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While attending school in Hamilton in 2005, Dr. Dim treated me for an emergency consultation - I was so impressed with his staff and his professionalism that I've been a patient ever since even though I've relocated several times throughout Ontario. Bonnie is a wonderful hygenist and the dental care I receive is certainly worth the hour drive to Hamilton. [..]
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I recently switched to Dr. Dim and I love it there! They are very professional and kind. Very friendly too! The only downside is the fact that you have to pay for the procedure upfront, and then get reimbursed by the insurance company, which can be a little bit of a hassle. Other than that, Dr. Dim is great![..]
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I like how Dr. Dim takes the time to explain the procedure and make me feel at ease. He is meticulous and pays attention to details. The staff is also very warm and friendly. [..]
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I have been his patient since 2002. Best dentist I have seen. He listens and explains. He respects me and lists options for me to take. Unfortunately I moved to eslswhere. I cannot find any dentist better than him[..]
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I found this Doctor and his staff to be very pleasant and helpful.All my questions were answered and I understood what he was saying,because he gave me options for my treatment.I would highly recommend this Doctor if you are in need of one, or if you are thinking of changing Doctors.They were punctual and friendly.[..]
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I have been a patient of Dr. Dim for about 6 years now. I cannot say enough great things about him and his staff. 100% fantastic. I think of him as an artist, as he takes such pride in all his work.[..]
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Have been his patient for about a year now and would recommend him in a heartbeat. I have had, and continue to have, some serious dental issues which he is working diligently to correct and resolve. Neither he nor his staff have ever made me feel less than deserving of their expertise and compassion in spite of a severe phobia of needles and lack of success with local anaesthesia which make me a "difficult" patient to treat. They all take their patients' concerns and difficulties seriously - they're never dismissive, impatient or demeaning. Quite a welcome change after years of sub-par experiences.[..]
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I have been with this dentist office for 28 years!!..I recently swithced from Dr.Agro to Dr.Dim( only because he is in the office more) and i have to say that Dr. Dim is fantastic. Bonnie has been my hygenist for ever and she is awesome[..]
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Doctor Dim Is Awesome He Will Talk To You When He Is Doing your Teeth! Katherine At the Desk Is Awesome She Is So Nice You Would Not Belive It! Oh And his Helper Wow She Is So Nice,Smart,Loving,Carful And Beautiful She's My Favioure No Not Bonnie. Bonnie Is Also Awesome She's Nice And Sweet [..]
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Dr. Dim took me in as a new patient as an emergency. His demeanour, professionalism and description of options for the work I needed was outstanding. When he did the work which was long and arduous, he was most considerate of my fears, took his time and has the most steady hand of any dentist I've been to. I feel fortunate to have found him. [..]
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Have only had an initial pt exam thus far - follow-up consult is booked in 2 weeks. Had many horrific dental experiences in the past but I think I've found a "keeper" dentist in Dr. Dim. He's extremely approachable and considerate - truly listens to your fears/concerns without being in any way patronizing or dismissive. He seems to have a good sense of humour in a very quiet way - helps to take the edge off for those of us who have difficult dental situations. [..]
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An excellent dentist. Listens to the patient, tells the patient what he suggests to do and why, tells the patient about other options and their relative merits as well as costs. Makes it possible for the patient to make an informed choice rather than dictating the treatment. Very friendly and polite. His very positive attitude makes the treatment seem much less burdensome than with other dentists. [..]
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Excellent dentist! Respects his patients, very good diagnostic skills. Very approachable and always willing to help. Excellent listening skills.[..]
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In addition to all the qualities an excellent dentist should (but very often does not) possess, such as knowledge and expertise, excellent communication skills and helpfulness, Dr. Dim is nice and very approachable as a person – a rare quality among dentists! He is kind, thoughtful and patient, and he has a very nice and gentle sense of humor which makes you feel more comfortable, especially prior to a more complicated treatment. He is an excellent dentist and does exceptional work. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking dental treatment in the Hamilton area.[..]
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Young good looking intelligent professional. Shows an interest in his patients, does not suggest extra unecessary work for money. Actually seems honest and has patients best interest. Does not promote root cannal unless its the last resort absolutely necessary. Patient and he has good listening skills[..]
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The best dentist I have ever had! Friendly staff, clean atmosphere, and most important excellent doctor. I am very fortunate to have him as my dentist.[..]
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