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Dr. V.A. Dim

50 Dundurn St South




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About us

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of dental care. We take pride in our work and are proud to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment filled with friendly and informative staff members.

Dentistry on Dundurn has been located in the heart of Hamilton for over 20 years. In this capacity, we are focused on providing long term dental care and solutions. This ensures that we can effectively plan your dental treatment so as to mitigate the effects of time on your oral health and to maximize future function and comfort.

Our main focus is on patient education; your detail oriented consultation will provide you with the crucial fundamentals that you need to care for your teeth. The knowledge that we pass on is valuable in helping you understand the importance of caring for your dental health and that of your family.

Dentistry on Dundurn is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care for all members of your family. Our services span the spectrum of care and range from disease prevention to cosmetic and implant replacement dentistry. We look forward to meeting you soon!